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October 23, 2023
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December 16, 2023
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PMCD250 Battery-Powered Peristaltic Pump


Lightweight battery-powered peristaltic pump

Convenient, cordless, compact, and portable

Reversible, chargeable, and simple to use

Robust planetary gear box, 4 roller design

Can pump slurries with high particulate content

Heavy duty pump head with front and rear ball bearings

Self-priming and variable speed

Occasional dry running is not an issue

Fluid only contacts the inside of the tubing

Durable with strong suction capability

Includes lithium-ion battery and charger

Quick charge time, so you can use your battery-powered peristaltic pump anytime

Cordless design makes your workspace cleaner and safer

Simple peristaltic pump is easy to use on any process

Increase productivity with a self-priming peristaltic pump


PMCD250 Cordless Peristaltic Pump

  • 20 volt lithium-ion 1.5 Ah battery
  • Optional 20 volt lithium-ion 2.0 Ah battery
  • Maximum flow rate: 380 ml/min
  • Quick tube change pump head
  • Use with 0.1875 (3/16) ID x 0.3125 (5/16) OD x 1/16 wall  tubing
  • Maximum suction lift: 15 feet
  • Weight: 2.3 pounds
  • Charging time: 3 -4 hours