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PMP310 Peristaltic Pump
March 19, 2020
PMST2523 Stepper Peristaltic Pump
March 20, 2020
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PMST6000 AC Stepper Peristaltic Pump System


Self-priming, everything you need for immediate pumping

Excellent dry running characteristics

Can pump slurries with high particulate content

Designed for 1/8 inch and/or 3/32 inch wall tubing

Preprogrammed for dosing and precise delivery

NEMA 23 bipolar, 4 lead stepper motor

Fluid only contacts the inside of the tubing

Made in USA, heavy duty construction

Pumps hot or cold fluids

Table top or wall mounting hardware included

Includes our feature rich SMC10LCD controller

Compatible with many chemicals and aggressive fluids

PMST6000 Peristaltic Pump

  • Input – 120 VAC
  • Maximum flow rate: 4.5 liters per minute
  • Maximum psi for firm tubing: 30
  • Maximum psi for soft tubing: 10
  • Maximum suction lift: 20 feet
  • Dimensions: 9.250 x 9.500 x 10.250 inches, weight: 12.40 lbs
  • Tubing Size: 0.250 to 0.375 inch ID 0.125 inch wall thickness