Advantages of Centrifugal vs. Reciprocating Pumps

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September 7, 2021

Advantages of Centrifugal vs. Reciprocating Pumps

People use pumps in many parts of their lives. Industrial settings utilize them heavily to carry out operations and manufacture products. In day-to-day life, pumps are found in washing machines or at gas stations. Any place that needs to move liquid or increase its pressure will probably have a pump.

The two many types of pumps are centrifugal and reciprocating (displacement). Reciprocating pumps have the upper hand in a few ways. They are more efficient, don’t have the problem of priming, and are ideal for industrial settings. On the flip side, there are many advantages of centrifugal vs. reciprocating pumps. Here are the top ones.

Less Floor Space

Centrifugal pumps are a lot more compact and take up less floor space. Because of their simpler design, they weigh less, are smaller overall, and are able to pump out the same amount of liquid compared to a larger-sized reciprocating pump. In domestic settings, this is extremely helpful so that our appliances and products can be tinier.

More Capacity

Another one of the advantages of centrifugal vs. reciprocating pumps is that they have a higher capacity. It’s even easier to increase this capacity by making the inlet and outlet diameters larger. These pumps can handle high viscosity liquids like muddy water or oil, whereas reciprocating pumps can only manage low viscosity liquids. Centrifugal pumps are safer to use at higher speeds, have a uniform torque and output, and continuously discharge the liquid.

Cheaper To Buy and Maintain

The last significant difference between these two pumps is that centrifugal pumps are considerably cheaper to purchase and maintain. Since their design is simpler, there are fewer moving parts that can become worn out or damaged. Repair time is generally quicker and easier as well. Many technicians are proficient at working with these pumps because of their widespread use. It’s easy to find a centrifugal pump online and install it yourself.

Pumps aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Due to their unique designs and characteristics, certain pumps have better applications for specific situations. Once you know what you need it for, you can find the right pump for your needs.